Document Retrieval

How it Works

Storing your archive boxes with Store-All works as follows:

  • Store-All collect your archives from their current location and transport them to our modern, highly secure premises on the Cork Road, Waterford.
  • Each archive box is allocated with a unique barcode which is linked to your box reference.
  • An inventory of your archive boxes in storage is emailed to you.
  • When you need to retrieve an individual document, file or whole box from storage, use our simple and effective ordering system to request items using the file or box references.
  • Store-All will hand deliver your files to you.  A fast, efficient, reliable service is guaranteed.
  • When archive boxes are due for destruction, Store-All will provide you with a list of these boxes and following authorisation by you, secure shredding of the boxes will take place.

There are 3 delivery options for the retrieval of items from storage:

  • Scheduled Delivery (e.g. same day each week)
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Express Delivery (within 3 hours)

All archive documents and boxes in storage with us are allocated unique barcodes and are scanned into the Store-All database. This ensures instant location of individual files and boxes with 100% accuracy.

An integral part of our document storage service is the assistance we give you in establishing and maintaining a simple and efficient records retention policy. This will enable you to store archive files for only as long as you need to and then destroy them in bulk, reducing the quantity of archive boxes in storage and therefore lowering costs.

Archive File Cataloguing: Let us take the strain of producing an accurate log of your archive files using our tried and tested document indexing procedures.